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At Continuum, our focus is on driving sales for our exhibiting companies, supporting the goals of our sponsors and creating memorable experiences for our guests. Our management team will ensure that all of your requirements, from attracting the right audience to providing ROI metrics, will be met.

Totem Point loves the Central Ontario Boat Show & Sale!

"A fantastic show!  In all the 42 years doing shows I’ve never run out of brochures but I did here at the Hamilton show.  People were definitely interested in what we had to offer.  I gave out more brochures in one day here at the Hamilton Boat Fishing & Outdoor Show than we did in total at a 5 day show we did earlier this year.  Also the staff, have been great and so helpful” - Sylvia Angi

Why Should You Exhibit?

  • We have an experienced boat & sportsman show management team with a combined 50 years of personal experience working on and producing shows such as the Toronto International Boat Show, Toronto Sportsmen's Show, Miami International Boat Show, Philadelphia Boat Show, San Diego Boat Show & Sale, Chicago (IMTEC) marine trade show, New Orleans Boat & Sport Fishing Show, St. Louis Boat Show
  • We know how to deliver quality events that focus on making sure our exhibitors make sales
  • This geographic area has one of the largest per capita ratios for boaters, cottage owners, and avid fishing and outdoors enthusiasts in Ontario 
  • In today’s economy we need to focus our support onto dealers and marine accessories distributors with affordable exhibit rates to ensure a guaranteed ROI The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is incredibly easy to move in / out and significantly reduces the cost to setup and tear down displays. 
  • Right on the grounds of the Hamilton International Airport our boat show location is “15 minutes from everything” with plenty of highway signage and plenty of free fully paved parking.  We will bring you buyers!

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Our event management team can draw on more than 50 years of combined experience producing events worldwide, including over 300 consumer shows across Canada, USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand. We understand the new economic realities and the need's of today's exhibitors, sponsors and guests.

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